Creativity. Technology. Persuasion.

Creativity .  Technology.  Persuasion.

“Creativity. Technology. Persuasion.” - it isn't exactly a job title, but for a designer and developer of web sites those things sure come in handy! Let's dig a little deeper into each of these words....

  • Creativity

    Creativity lies at the heart of what we seek to do in business. It is seen in the vision that drives innovation. It manifests in “thinking bigger”, in seeing opportunities where others were limited by assumptions or saw only problems. It comes alive when people take the tiny insight of an “aha” moment and then use their skills to help that insight grow a business.

  • Technology

    We humans love tools, from hand tools to huge and complex machines to those built from little bits of electricity and wire and silicon all the way to those built from ones and zeros living in the cloud... For us, the most interesting place is where the technology and the human intersect – not merely the user interface or control panel or hand grip, but rather the new connections made in our brain when the tool becomes an integrated extension of our capabilities, and a new vector for our creativity.

  • Persuasion

    While creativity occurs within individuals, our life and work happens with others. Collaboration sounds nice, but without direction devolves into fuzziness or design by committee. Reaching decisions about how best to proceed – as individuals, as collaborators, as customers or as vendors – is facilitated by skilled persuasion. Whatever medium it occurs in, it is as much about listening and understanding as it is about verbal adroitness or compelling content.